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Welkom op mijn blog. De manier bij uitstek om op de hoogte te blijven van wat er reilt en zeilt in onze coffee bar, cupping bedenkingen en beslommeringen, nieuwe koffies die we aanbieden, enz. Kortom, kom geregeld even langs!



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Good day folks, last night I left an earth shaking year behind me. 2011 was breathtaking, back breaking, nerve cracking, hilarious, beautiful, thougher than the thoughest, mixed and flavoured with the most gorgeous and most demanding ingredienst one could imagine. It was simply my thoughest year so far in life. Though I had everthing ready for my coffee bar to open at the end of 2010, it turned out 2011 was the year it kicked off. Preparations asked a lot of me, mentally and physically. I put ever inch of soul I had in it. I turned and twisted my mind over and over again until I went bezerk. Shaked and rattled my bones and butt until it nearly fell off. No wonder I lost some weight over the course of the last months. Now, 6 months after opening the bar, I’m proud to say that we made a good start. I’m proud of having introduced specialty coffee to a wider audience in my hometown. Serving outstanding coffees from world class speciality coffee roasters like: Intelligensia (US), The Coffee Collective (DK), Stumptown Coffee (US), Square Mile coffee (UK), Boot koffie (NL) and from Belgian specialty roasters Or and Caffénation. Whether it was espresso or filter coffee, it was nice to collect reactions from customers, to surprise them, to convince them, sometimes not being able to overwhelm them or whatever. I’m proud of having had a stunning Yirgacheffe OCR (espresso) on my own coffee label ‘Bernie & Ernie’s Limited’. It’s one of those coffees that marked it’s taste in my mind for ever. Often revealing new aroma’s, flavours,... I’m still amazed I was able to provide such a high quality specialty coffee in my first 6 months of operating the bar. It will remain available for the next 2 weeks. So hurry up folks or it’s lost for you forever!!

2011 was also a year that coffee grabbed some attention of my fellow citizens. Not only they were most likely talking about George Clooney’s new adventures in coffee country, they also encountered a couple of new places trying their luck with coffee. It looks like that within a week from now, we will have 3 locations in Hasselt serving their version of specialty coffee. I wish the 3 of us every inch of joy and strenght to endure (one big hurray for The Ramones) bringing damn fine specialty coffee to town!

For me 2012 will be a year with new challenges, new coffees, new ideas, ups and downs, stress & joy and hopefully the one that rolls out the base for the next years to come. I look forward to the next year like a little boy to Santa Claus! I thank all of you who made their ways to the MUCHO GUSTO Coffee Bar in 2011 and hope to see ya all again in 2012 for those cups of specialty coffee brought to you with nothing less than true passion & craftsmanship and the desire to serve you only the best.


Roel Driesen

Belgian Cuptasting Champion 2010-2011

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